JDB Example

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JDB Example

JDB Example

In this section, we will learn how to initialize and run java debugger with the help of an example.

  • Create a simple java program


  1. public class JDBExample  
  2. {  
  3. public static void main(String...kk)  
  4. {  
  5. int a=10b=20;  
  6. int c=a+b;  
  7. System.out.println("Sum of two number : "+c);  
  8. }  
  • Open command prompt and compile your main class with the following command:-

javac JDBExample.java  

  • Now, initialize Java debugger with the following command:-

jdb JDBExample  

  • The next task is to run java class. So, run the main class with the below command:-


After the execution of command, the following result will be generated on the console.

Note - After displaying the result, the application will exited automatically.